Guilds of Holy Mission

There are a wide variety of styles and concepts for the guilds of Holy Mission. In this primarily medieval environment, there are many standard guilds in place and some unique only to this MUD.
Changing a guild before level 10 does not cost any penalty. Sometimes it takes trying a few guilds out before you find the one that is right for your character. Beyond level 10, a player must first kill themselves down to level 9 before they can change their guild.
Before creating a character, players should read the help files on each race and carefully think of the limitations they may have. Certain races have advantages is certain guilds, like an elven mage or a human jedi. Certain races are not permitted in some of the guilds.
If you are not sure where the guild of your choice may be located check out the Guild Directionspage. This page will contain directions to almost all of the guilds on Holy Mission. There are a few exceptions based on certain guild concepts.

Guild Description
Adventurer The adventurer is the default guild upon entering Holy Mission. This guild has very little powers or abilities but gives a good start for a newbie until they decided which guild is best for them.
Thief The ever-sly and wily thieves guild is present on every decent MUD. The thieves of Holy Mission are a tight knit group that take no prisoners but are kinds to those less fortunate on occasion.
Druid One of the most secretive guilds on Holy Mission, the druid has its 'roots' somewhere among the forests and hills of the southern lands. A oneness with nature is the way of the druid.
Fighter The fighters of Holy Mission rely on their strength to keep them alive. The guild motto is: The tutu is for sissies and helmets are only to be used when battling wild hair, not normal every day tasks like hammering nails with your forehead.
Jedi The jedi are an advanced group of adventurers that battle the forces trying to take over the MUD. They are either on the dark or good side of the force. This guild requires finesse and skill creating an impressive player.
Mage The mages are a staple of any decent MUD. The mage guild of HM is situated high atop a mountain for secrecy. Those know them as great helpers in need, including their own guild members. This guild requires an individual with a large I.Q.
Bard Spreading joy and contentment to the populace of Holy Mission is the bard's way of life. However, if angered their 'sissy' voices belay their obvious ability to take care of themselves.
Monk Out from the holy recesses of Holy Mission came the monks. The monks use their bodies as a weapon that can match any swordsman. This guild requires a good degree of manual dexterity.
Ninja With martial art and weaponry training, the ninja is a trained killer. Both brain and brawn are needed to fully develop the skills necessary to be an excellent ninja. This guild has a high degree of honor among its members.
Vagabond They are the masters of time and space. They are the vagabonds. This guild uses manipulation of time and space to effect damage on their opponents with destructive capabilities.
Summoner The summoners are one of the most secretive guilds on Holy Mission. Their guildhall is rumored to be on a ridge of a strange new world. They have the ability to summon creatures and elements to do their bidding.
Barbarian No brains are needed to be a barbarian. All a barbarian needs is a weapon that is no simpler than a club to smash through most things. They are plains dwellers and their speech is not exactly eloquent.

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