Races of Holy Mission

There is a selection of nine different races on Holy Mission. Each race contains it varying strengths and weaknesses. Be selective when choosing your race because some guilds do not permit all races to join.

Race Strength
Human Humans are not noted as having any real strength and their skills are the most average of all the races. Although there are no clear advantages of being human, there are no clear disadvantages either.
Elf Elves may not be as strong and hardy as humans but they tend to be more nimble with their bodies and minds. They are excellent candidates for guilds that require great dexterity and spell casting.
Half-Elf Half-elves are part human and part elf. They were fortunate enough to gain the better parts of each blood line. They are hardier and stronger than the average elf and more nimble than the ordinary human. The mental expertise from their elven side enables them to be decent spell casters.
Hobbit Most often underestimated, the hobbit is a small in stature with little bodily strength. They are best known for their nimble fingers and their ability to talk themselves out of any situation. This makes them an excellent candidate for the thief guild.
Gnome The unassuming gnome is incredibly dexterous and intelligent. However they tend to be one of the laziest races and do not get many opportunities to show off their abilities. When they do, they will fight with style and class.
Dwarf Wisdom of the world and the muscle of an ox, the dwarf is a race not to be reckoned with. The may have a disadvantage in a battle of the wits but their chances of winning an arm wrestling match are a sure thing.
Orc Dumb as a rock, Orcs tend to be more brawn than brains. They are large in size and their bodies are extremely muscular. The orc can take a good beating in a fight and still come out on top.
Troll If orcs are dumb as rocks, trolls are dumb as the dirt beneath those rocks. The troll's physical strength and size is greater than that of the orc. The troll can take a good beating and come out on top of the orc.
Giant A giant's bad side is a dangerous place to be. They are known from tearing any living creature from limb to limb with great ability. Their physical strength is so great that it has drained any hint of intelligence right out of their being.

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