Holy Mission Guild Areas

Direction are all start from one south of the main church.

Guild Directions
Adventurer 4e, s
Thief 6e, 3n, 2w
Druid 6e, 4s, sw, w, 13s, 10w, n, climb rope, enter tree, 2u
Jedi 13e, n, wait for raft, board raft, wait to arrive at the Island of Carakoon, exit raft, 2nw, n, e, n
Mage 6e, 7n, ne, 3n, ne, 2e, 2u, e, n
Bard 3e, n, e, Where the great bard Taliesin has been seen
Monk 4w, 12n, climb fence, 3n, 3e, 3n
Ninja A mystery, talk to a member...
Barbarian 4w, 3n, 12w
Vagabond 2w, n, 2u, vagabond

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