Traveler, welcome to the home of Holy Mission, an LPC MUD based in Linz, Austria. Holy Mission is one of the oldest MUDs still running. Its history has long been chronicled, creating an enjoyable atmosphere for playing and meeting new people. Please, feel free to step inside our world and stay for a spell.
Holy Mission is located at 2001 and is continuingly inviting new explorers or long-lost veterans to come and join in the fun.
To find out more about Holy Mission and what is a MUD, be sure to take the time to explore the links below for detailed information. Some links are currently under construction, so we thank you ahead for your patience.

Areas Brief descriptions for some areas and general directions to them.
Guilds A complete listing of the guilds with descriptions, abilities, and races.
History Holy Mission's history: past, present, and future.
People Facts about the Holy Mission admin, wizards, and players.
News The latest news about the MUD or the web page.
Goodies Goodies for you to use: free email, buttons, and the Holy Mission eGroup.
Links Links and rings that lead to other MUD resources.

Questions or comments, please email Saffrin.

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