Holy Mission Quests

Holy Mission is a varied world with adventures to be found in every direction of the winds. You can practically trip over someone who is in distress and needs help.
The quests on Holy Mission range from fairly simple tasks, which can only take a few moments to epic adventures that, require a thorough knowledge of the MUD and an experienced group of adventurers at your side. There are quests to solve at all levels.
Each guildhall on the MUD has a list of all available quests. The list includes the quest title, the creator, the degree of difficulty, and the difficulty of killing involved. Each completed quest is noted by an asterisk (*) by their name. A high percentage of quest most be solved in order to become an immortal.

Title Difficulty Creator
Help the elfcity to get rid of the big wolf. ********** Whisky
Destroy the Haunter of the Dark. ***** Moonchild
Raid the Gnome King's Treasury. ******** Moonchild
Help the prisoner's of Raulf escape! ******** Saffrin
Recover Shakepeare's Stolen Script ******** Saffrin
Free Prince Reio-ta of Atlanora **** Saffrin
Kill the vampire king. ********** Sherman
Solve the Quest Perilous. ***** Emerald
Quench the Hellfire from the land. ***** Airborne
Help the Secret Police with the Chaosdemon. ***** Padrone
Convince the Vikings to leave Symria. ** Uglymouth
Help the little girl in Chantilly's garden. ********* Whisky
Cure the old dwarf. ***** Matt
Destroy Kazak and his evil cult! **** Kawai
Find Padrone's walking castle. *** Padrone
Steal the Light from the Dark. ***** Brainsprain
Slay the Evil Troll King. ****** Moonchild
Make the girl happy. ** Patience
Help the master of the Abbey of the Rose. ***** Herp
Find the sprite and find out what to do with it. ******** Muzmuz
Turn lead into gold. ** Emerald
Make dinner for the Druid Lakmir. ** Emerald
Get the good king's head. **** Emerald
Prove your friendship to the old hermit. ******** Moonchild
Find the Guineapig and return it to the girl. ** Bobo
Help Willow Ufgood at the Zodiac Tower *** Saffrin
Return Abduhla's heart. ***** Sarge
Save Holy Mission. ** Patience
Reunite the Dwarven Brothers. * Brainsprain
Ascend to the role of Master of Dimensions. * Redsexy
Help Hobbe to get his water-mill working. * Whisky
Free the Major's daughter. **** Whisky
Get the Orc slayer. *** Root
Graduate from the newbie academy. ** Airborne
Find a mentor to guide you through wizardhood. 0* Airborne
Seek permission to wiz. 0* Root

Copyright 2000 by Cynthia Wheeler