Holy Mission Newbie Areas

Direction are all start from one south of the main church.

Brief Description Directions
A complete newbie area that contains a simple quest that teaches the basics of the mud. 5e, d, e
Joy's Park is the place to be on a sunny day. The nearby tinkers add tranquility to the ambience. 6e, 5n, e
The peaceful and serene gardens of Holy Mission not only please the eye but satisfy the blood lust in all. 4w, 12n
6e, 7n, ne, 4n
3e, 3n
They're small and they're blue. Who wouldn't want to venture into smurf village? 6w, 2s, 2w, 2n, 2e, n, 2e
Do you think you can hold your own against the gladiators? Then the Coliseum is the place to be. 6w, 2s, 2w, n, w
This peaceful forest offers a safe journey to explore and gain experience. 6e, 7n, ne, 3n, ne, 5e, ne, 3n, 2ne, w

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