The Wizards of Holy Mission

Here is a list of the main immortals who work hard to make Holy Mission an exciting place to visit. For information on the administration of the MUD, please visit the Holy Mission Administrators page.
The position of elder is one of respect. The elder is in charge of keeping the basic functions of the MUD up and running.
Cantus Gareth
Saffrin Waldo
The sage position helps new wizards and wizards code areas, spells, abilities, and other items of interest to the players. Leadership is required in this role. Sage is a position gained through wisdom and patience.
The retired position is for those that have climbed the ladder, but are just too tired or out of time to continue. This is generally a position held by former administrators.
The wizard position means that you have done a service to the mud by either maintaining a guild, placed in an area, or some other large task. This is a comfortable middle ground that allows flexibility in what the wizard wants to work on, while not burdening them with the responsibility of leadership.
New Wizard
The new wizard position is achieved within weeks of becoming an immortal. This position allows the immortal to take their time and learn the lib, how to code, and get a feel for what other players want. A new wizard is often diligently at work on a new area or quest.
The apprentice position is the lowest immortal position and is usually only held for a week. This position allows the new immortal to become accustomed to the structure and novelty of being immortal. Once the apprentice has shown their comfort and knowledge, they move up into the new wizard position.

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